My Little Disney: The Old Home Guard

Daga Yemar

by Daga Yemar

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Just getting over a pretty bad head cold that sapped all of my ability to concentrate on anything the past two days, so that's why this one's late. I feel really bad, you know? Between working on Dr Horrible, several side pmvs for PMVToday's contest, and trying desperately to finish my finfiction stories, I'm really not left with all that much time for you all. I swear, in about a month I'll be past all these other projects and back to my usual self...

Anyway, the next Disney movie is a bit of a classic, though one that not as many people remember. Still one of the original bunch I grew up with, so it shares a special place in my memories. It's time for Bedknobs and and Broomsticks!

I do not own My Little Pony or Disney, but I do have a pair of pocket Kings and as long as the turn card isn't a Jack then I might just be able to change that! And... NO!!! They finished their straight flush! I'm ruined!!!