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    How to Hang a Shelf. 5 EASY STEPS!


    by UncleKnackers


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    The material they are made of: StorageIdeas organizer is much firmer, stronger. The bottom of each compartment doesn't sag like my other one does when the shoes are too heavy. The whole thing holds it shape very well. The size of the compartments: I like my original one because all of them are the same size BUT sometimes I think it's too much room for my flats and athletic Mary Janes (I can actually fit two pairs of each in the compartments of my original one). The new one has five smaller compartments on top, then five larger ones on the bottom - which means that the whole organizer is shorter than the other one, allowing me to have storage underneath. The pole fastener: My original organizer has two hooks (like hangers) at the top, which makes taking the organizer out (especially when full) to reorganize the closet very difficult (the hangers move around, get caught together, etc). The new one has two pieces of fabric that connect around the pole with a very strong velcro. It is not only very strong, but also easy to move around, take out of the closet, etc. The side pockets - Perfect to hold the little things that easily get lost, like shoe strings. This is something my original one doesn't have and I've always wished it did. As a whole, I definitely recommend this item, especially for someone who has a lot of shoes and who likes to utilize every bit of their closet (without having empty unused space). Will I get rid of my old one? - heck no!! haha - but if I need to get some more, I will definitely be going to StorageIdeas for their products. %$&$