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    Watermark MS Word Document

    Quantum PC Support

    by Quantum PC Support

    In this video we will learn about the watermark which is a background effect of either text or graphics that prints in a lighter shade behind the content of your MS Word 2007 document.

    Video Content:

    First open your Microsoft Word and go to the “Page Layout” option. Click it.

    Click ‘Watermark’ in the “Page Layout” section. Then you click “Custom Watermark”.

    From printed watermark first insert a “Picture Watermark”. Then you select a picture from your computer.

    After selecting the picture, click insert option. Then click ‘Apply’ to see the effect.

    Now the document is watermarked with a Picture, Picture watermark is not so clear or easy to visualize. Then see the picture watermark that the image you selected.

    If you go with “Text Watermark”, now insert “Text Watermark” from printed watermark. The process is nearly same.

    Now you write down watermark text in the text field of text watermark. Then change the watermark properties like Font, Color, Size, Layout etc.

    After typing and choosing colors, click Apply.

    Now the document is watermarked with the desired text.