'Man of Steel' Easter Eggs Round-Up

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Now that most of you have seen Man Of Steel, we feel like it's time to give you all a round-up with all of the easter eggs that director, Zack Snyder and screenwriter, David Goyer left for us! Some of these we've heard about, and some of them are kinda sneaky, so we thought we would put them all together for you right here. Now, if you haven't seen Man of Steel, than you should definitely NOT watch this, and check out one of our spoiler free Man Of Steel videos , because we will likely get into some juicy stuff here. Ok, now that you have been warned lets get started. The first easter egg references something that we have seen previously in the trailers, and it seems like it was the most obvious one in the movie. We recently reported to you that David Goyer had a specific vision for a DC shared Universe, and in his plans he hinted that there are more superheroes existing in the Man Of Steel world, but they're not yet suiting up just yet. He also mentioned that there is a "cause and effect" happening, with Superman's existence opening up opportunities for other superheroes to come forward. Based on what we've seen in MOS, we all feel confident that Batman and Lex Luther will be in the mix down the road, and maybe even in the sequel. We've seen the Lex Corp tower in the trailers, and it shows up again during the big Superman/Zod fight scene, on the side of what looked to be an oil tanker. And some have also seen the logo on the side of a truck that drops Clark off, after taking him home to visit Martha. Also, if you watch closely during the fight scene in space between General Zod and Superman, Supe grabs a satellite that has the Wayne Enterprise logo on it, so there is no question about whether or not Bruce Wayne exists on earth with Clark Kent. This easter egg is not as noticeable, and if you weren't looking for it, you may have missed it. When Clark first finds the scouting ship, AKA the Fortress of Solitude, we see a couple of pods with corpses in them. In one shot, you will be able to see in the distance that one of the pods is open and empty, leaving some to believe that one of the Kryptonians on board survived. And a lot of people are hoping that that pod held Superman's cousin, Kara Zor-El, and that it could mean that she's alive and will come into play down the road as "Supergirl." Even Man of Steel producer, Deborah Snyder, pointed out the scene to Crave Online, making sure that we all "look closely" and although she didn't want to say if it meant anything, the sheer fact that she brought it up makes us think that it clearly does mean something. Carol Ferris, played by Christina Wren, gets a lot of face time in Man Of Steel and her character is completely re-worked. Ferris' character is most known as Hal Jordan's love interest in the Green Lantern but is portrayed in MOS as a secondary military officer. Her biggest onscreen moment is when she says that she thinks Superman is "kind of hot." And while she was only a military officer, in the comics she has been known to suit up from time to time as Star Sapphire, who has taken sides for good and for evil. Speaking of "star," there is an interesting reference to STAR Labs in the film, which is the lab in the comics that is responsible for the superhero character, Cyborg. There isn't any mention of Cyborg at all, but Richard Schiff plays Dr. Hamilton in the movie, who is an employee of STAR Labs. So, we feel like we will see more STAR Lab references in more movies to come.
Now, if you don't have super vision, you may have missed this easter egg, but if you look closely in the scene, in the third act, where Superman and Zod are flying towards each other, you will see a logo for Blaze Comics. Blaze comics is the company that produces the Booster Gold comics, in the DC world. Booster Gold is a time traveling character and has been seen using his time traveling technology to help members of the Justice League.
So, there you have it! A round up of all of the easter eggs we could find in Man Of Steel, but maybe you all found more that we didn't catch! And, if you did, make sure you leave those for us all down in the comments, and let us know which easter eggs you think will be developed in future movies!
Thanks so much for watching ClevverMovies everyone. Im Erin White, and I will see ya later!