Six Squirrels Get Tails Stuck Together

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The Animal Clinic of Regina welcomed six squirrels after a worker brought the group in. The squirrels had somehow gotten stuck together by their tails.

Squirrels often find themselves in awkward situations. That was certainly the case for six squirrels in Canada.

A worker at the Animal Clinic of Regina brought in six squirrels that were stuck together by their tails.

The creatures had been nesting together near a pine tree. Apparently the sap essentially glued their tails together. Thankfully a city of Regina employee found the squirrels and got them some much-needed help.

The animals were sedated while the veterinary staff untangled and shaved the fur. Although it’s rather uncommon, when tails stick together, it’s referred to as squirrel kings in the veterinary community.

A vet at the Animal Clinic of Regina stated “If they get really tangled up, they generally can't feed as effectively, and their tails can become infected and have to be amputated. In this case their tails were a bit raw, but they weren't too bad and we were able to save all of them.” (2, last)

The six squirrels have since been released back into the city.