Protest The Insanity Of World Star Hip Hop !

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Sorry about the audio quality. This was an off-the-cuff video, responding to questions about the recent campaign against WorldStarHipHop. My hope is that people from ALL communities will agree about the lack of accountability at WSHH, and demand changes.
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If you want to help, we need your support on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere you can address this subject. You can also address WSHH directly, not to mention their ADVERTISERS. The goal is to hold them accountable, and - at the very least - to call them into a discussion about the consequences of the videos they tend to promote.

We also need you to sign the petition at

Our goal is to hold people accountable. At the very least, if WorldStarHipHop won't hold itself accountable (by changing their policies regarding videos of minors, the mentally challenged, and people being filmed without their consent), we will hold their ADVERTISERS accountable for their content.

This is an opportunity for people from ALL walks of life to address an issue that is relevant to ALL of us. Let's demonstrate the power of collective action.

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