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    We all know somebody who’s been affected by foreclosure. Miss a payment on your mortgage loan, have an emergency, or go through a transitional period in your employment and you can end up on the path of foreclosure and lose your home. The only decisions left are, ‘Do you stay or do you go?’.

    Sheldon Wolf, President of Canada Credit Fix is interviewed about Foreclosure Mitigation, which through Canada Credit Fix credit repair and debt settlement agency, can help you keep your home. Nobody, banks and mortgage brokers included, wants you to lose your home and they want you to avoid bankruptcy, but they keep throwing bricks at you! Canada Credit Fix can help you by speaking on your behalf, helping you deal with your foreclosure, your judgements, your collections and collectors.

    Whether you’re going through a bankruptcy, foreclosure, working with a bankruptcy trustee or doing a consumer proposal, call Canada Credit Fix.