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Recently, The HRSDC lost close to 600,000 Canadian’s sin numbers in a data loss, resulting in billions worth of personal data that may be in circulation, ready to be snatched up by cybercriminals and data thieves. Personal and financial data is a priceless commodity that can be stolen, traded and even sold to the highest bidder. What can you do to protect yourself from personal data theft?

Sheldon Wolf, in an interview with Kersten Kloss, tells Canadian Consumers about Identity Lock Identity Theft Protection, a program specifically set up to help victims of identity theft. Learn how you can help protect yourself and your personal information with live credit monitoring, credit restoration and forensic credit auditing.

Don’t be caught unaware the next time you apply for a mortgage, a bank loan, a car loan, or a credit card. Don’t wait until identity theft forces you into bad debt, bankruptcy or worse! It’s not a matter of if you’ll be a victim, but when. So protect yourself with Identity Lock