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    Backflip - "Corações Ao Largo" Hellxis / Acuity Music


    by BlankTV

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    Backflip - "Corações Ao Largo" Hellxis / Acuity Music - A BlankTV Feature!

    Artist city, country: Lisbon, Portugal

    Artist Biography: It has been 5 years since we're together, making music and playing
    live (first gig in 2009). Right now the band is formed by 4 guys and one girl on the mic.
    In the begining we started by being just four elements, but in 2009 we added a new guitar player, Miguel Morais, for a more cohesive sound.
    Last year we lost our drumer to study in London, and right now we have what we consider one of the best drumer players in the Portuguese hardcore "scene", Pedro Vida Conceição, playing with us.
    Since ever, our only goal was to have fun playing together as friends, up to one, two times a week, but then things started to get serious when people started to ask us to play more and more often.
    Right now we have played with bands such as No Turning Back, Vera Cruz, Dog Eat Dog, We Ride, as well as Portuguese bandas like For The Glory, Devil in Me, Switchtense, Reality Slap, Death Will Come, Last Hope, Overcome, Grankapo, Shape, NBZ, Same old Chords, Mordaça, The Idyl's End, The Fall Apart, The Skrotes, and have been invited to play
    with booking agencies like Xuxu Jurássica and Hell Xis. In late 2009 we recorded our first EP, "New Ticket New Journey" in Mad Dog Studios, and right there we had an amazing response from thepublic. We sold all our EP's.
    Right now we're finished recording our first album entitled "Backflip", recorded at Generator Music Studios and our hopes and expectations couldn't be higher.
    The band has suffered several changes since the beginning and that only made us stronger. We consider ourselves a family, we support each other, we talk to each other, we understand each other, we overcome things together.
    We hope to continue evolving as a band, having fun, and kicking ass.
    Yours truly,
    Backflip from Portugal.

    Director Name: Ricardo Rodrigues
    Director Link:
    Producer Name: Paulo Simões
    Producer Link:

    About The Video: SPECIAL THANX
    To all the people that made this possible


    Label Name: Hellxis / Acuity Music
    Label Website:

    Song Lyrics: CORAÇÕES AO LARGO

    Tonight I decided to write you a song cuz I've been denying it for to long
    Life happens, love happens but lies and deceive always come with the package
    But I maintained my hopes high those are the last ones to die
    But I'm still bruising and I'm still afraid of letting myself go
    riding on these emotional rollercoasters
    But I want you close, you make me feel so safe
    When I look at you my chest feels up with warmth inside, I look at you
    and I know that we'll be fine
    Maybe we could build a life just you and me, away from what made us feel misery
    I'm sorry I have to walk away right now from what could be a perfect
    picture, but I can tell you this despite all that I hope we survive
    cuz I wouldn't mind to get along for the ride

    Along for the ride!
    I'm a hopeless dreamer, but dreams aside I know this is true
    And I just want the world to know no lies just love is what we'll get us through
    No lies just love is what will get us through.


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