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    Britney Spears chats with Ryan Seacrest about her new song "Ooh La La" and dishes on her upcoming album! Thanks for checking back in with ClevverMusic online Britney fans! As you probably already know Britney Spears debuted her new Smurfs 2 soundtrack single "Ooh La La" today. Brit premiered the song on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, revealing a sugary sweet pop song with a little auto tune and a little rapping! Brit raps: "You know can nobody get down like us/ We don't stop till we get enough" then she sings chorus, "Baby come with me and be my ooh-la-la". So what is the track about? Britney called in to Ryan's radio to explain the song, "I think it doesn't really certainly mean a certain phrase or anything, but it's about feeling good... when a guy makes you giddy..." Awww we hope Brit still has a man in her life making her giddy! Or maybe it's her two little boys? She did the song as a gift to them and they even star in the upcoming music video for the track. But that's not all Britney fans, she also updated Ryan Seacrest on the progress of her eighth upcoming album. As you know is exec producing the record, and Brit teased us saying, "I want to definitely take this album and have a new approach with it and make it a little different than anything I've ever done... Will have a lot of really interesting different tracks that I've listened to that are really cool that I haven't actually written on yet..." She finished by saying, "It's gonna be ya know really really different." So when will we be able to hear it? By the end of the year she promised Ryan. Speaking of the end of the year, during the chat with Ryan, Britney said she was re-filling her potpourri at her house with new Christmas scents which are her favorite! Who woulda thought? Ok that's all we got for now, so that means it is your turn: do you think Britney's new song is "Smurftastic" as she herself describes?! The song will play at the end credits of the Smurfs 2 in theatres July 31st.