Enslaved interview - Ivar (part 4)

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Ivar about His bond with Grutle Kjellson, RIITIIR, trying out a psychedelic sound

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Video interview with guitarist and songwriter Ivar Bjørnson from Norwegian progressive black metal band Enslaved. FaceCulture spoke with Ivar about W.A.S.P., growing up in Haugesund, being a heavy metal kid, wanting to share his passion, doing well in school, Phobia, his guitar playing, getting to hang out with the big boys, not taking any bullshit, not getting irony and sarcasm, being naive, having meaning in his life, previous records, lineup struggles, not being tough enough, being too diplomatic, experimenting, going back to square one, being an awful drummer, waiting for the right people, his bond with Grutle Kjellson, RIITIIR, trying out a psychedelic sound, not being bullied by his own fans, testing the limits, Vertebrae, combining all the elements, being inspired by others, the future and a lot more! (01/06/2013)

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