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    Arden & Ohman & Their Orchestra - Canadian Capers


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    Arden and Ohman often had one group going for the live shows and another for recording sessions. They had started out their collaborations on a smaller scale with a piano duo, performing frequently in 52nd Street clubs. The duo's first recording session included "Dance of the Demon", "Raga Muffin"and "Canadian Capers". In 1924 they were hired for the Broadway musical "Lady Be Good, the start of what would be many such gigs including the show Tip Toes in 1926 and Spring Is Here in 1929. It was radio broadcasts that led to national fame for the slowly expanding orchestra, beginning with background music for commercials and news reports and leading by the late 20's to an Arden-Ohman radio show. While there was a brief split in which each man led his own dance band, the pair came back together to make a new orchestra recording for Brunswick in 1935. Later they each pursued an individual career. As for this brilliant recording, it was made in 1930.