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    Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies: Ascension Full Gameplay [HD]


    by daModder100HD

    follow me
    this is the new map ascension! for call of duty black ops with the new map pack called "First Strike" if you wanna watch it. it is on insidexbox on the dashboard
    Call of Duty Black Ops Ascension First look on Inside Xbox Insider Moves. Here we see the long waited Zombie map for Black Ops Ascension!!! including new perks a cola machines new enemies and new forms of Traveling around the map. First off two new perks are called Stammin-Up and PHD Flopper. Second!!! Space Monkeys that steal perks replace Hell Hounds. Third!! Instead of Teleporters you use Lunar Landers that fly you around them map!!! there are three of them. Fourth!!! new wonder Weapons include Nesting dolls that act like a Cluster Bomb effect. And the Gersch Device or the Black Hole Bomb that sucks zombies into a black hole. ThunderGun and Ray Gun is back. No clue about the WintersHowl and the Wunderwaffe DG2. This map looks much bigger than Kino Der Toten and Five. The game starts in Black and White until you turn the power on. Auto Turrets return. New forms of Zombies. Fire Sale has returned. Ak47 is in Ascension. Death Machine returns. Instead of Barriers with boards it appears some windows have barriers made of metal bars. Quick Revive returns and Speed Cola returns. Space Monkeys throw grenades back at you after throwing a grenade at them. The Space Monkeys Attack the perk a cola machines in order to steal perks. After killing all Space Monkeys you still get a Max Ammo just like with Hell Hounds. It is still unknown if there will be a Juggernog machine and a Double Tap Machine... it is possible that they have been replaced with PHD Flopper and Stammin-Up.... Hopefully not!!! I would love 6 perks!!. The Gersch Device stays active by sucking zombies into a black hole for about 5-6 seconds. Gas Zombies Return. Quick Revive is in the Spawn room. When you spawn you are in the very ending process of a Lunar Lander Landing into the spawn room. Wonder Weapons include Ray Gun, Thunder Gun, Gersch Device, Nesting Dolls. When power turns on it appears the rocket ship loads onto the tower. Ascension seems much more easier than the Zombie Map "Five". This Map looks much better then Der Riese as Well.