IRS and Divorce: Colorado IRS Debt Relief

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studies have shown that the money problems are the #1 source of
arguments in marriage. But if you toss an IRS problem into the mix, you
may have a recipe for disaster. The IRS has more far-reaching power
than any collection agency could ever have.

No other entity has the
power to dip into your bank account, garnish your wages, seize your
property, put a lien on your house…and possibly put you in jail. So if
money problems cause arguments, imagine how bad an IRS problem can make
things. The IRS can’t cause a divorce, but they sure can contributeto one.  If
you are in trouble with the IRS or have received notices that you owe
taxes, we can help. Go to  or call our
experienced tax professionals at 303.904.1450 to  schedule your
free 30-minute consultation.