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    Tired of people SPAMMING your video comments? Bludos spam scam review!

    Mark Mcdonald

    by Mark Mcdonald

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    Don't you get sick of people spamming your comments on your videos? I can't believe how many spamming comments I got on one video from Bludos. I had at least 20-30 spam messages on one video from Bludos people. Not only Bludos, but some ass hole from Firepa as well. It is one thing if someone makes legit conversation with you and brings up his opportunity, but when the same jerks put 20-30, exactly the same, spam messages on your video, that is ridiculous, unethical, un professional and says a lot about you. I am trying to make a buck like everyone else, however I do not spam, and I do not go to other peoples videos and even promote my opportunity. My system is FREE, and it works great, and it is totally legit. Not only that we at Instant Payday Network try to provide quality, honest, assistance to those trying to make a little money online. I will quit ranting and raving about spammers, and just say if you want some help making money, and are willing to put forth the effort, then give Instant Payday Network a shot.