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    Bogdan Ota - Black Friday(Day of Wrath-Sala Patria-15.iunie.2013)(1)

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    DAY OF WRATH "Revelation" - a total spectacle of sound, lighting and special effects signed Bogdan Ota will take place on 14 and 15 June 2013 at 20:00 at Patria Hall Bucharest,Romania,Europa.
    Part One.
    Multumim Norvegiei ca la lansat.multumim Bogdan Ota ca te-ai intors in Romania!

    Alin Ota is Romanian pianist and composer who impressed Norway in 2011 through talent and managed to occupy second place in the contest "Norway's Got Talent" (Norwegians talent).

    Bogdan was born on 10 May 1978 in Botosani.

    "I toyed with music since I learned to walk and found my father's guitar student the house. I love the piano at age 7, when I heard a music student playing the famous generic Teleenciclopedia composed of Kirculescu. Then I knew what I was doing. In a musical career dream still small, I tried many times and in many ways to manage to get into this world. Perhaps I was not sufficiently prepared so far ', confessed in an interview with Day event in summer 2011.

    He graduated from the School of Art. He attended courses on the University of Arts "George Enescu" in Iasi, which he graduated in 2003.

    In 2008 he founded symphonic melodic metal Neuroleptica project, a collaboration between the band Bacau Bogdan Bruma.
    After unsuccessfully knocked on several doors "disc boxes" as confessed in an interview, Bogdan printed material into a demo studio in Hamburg (the same one used it and Rammstein). When this material was aided by sound engineer troop Helloween and Gamma Ray, and Peter Moss, former producer of Sarah Brightman.
    Bogdan has performed several concerts with Neuroleptica in France and Spain. Due to lack of funds, the band dissolved in 2010, and Bogdan is established in Norway, where their living by cleaning people's backyards and basements and carrying furniture and copiers.
    In spring 2011, he became popular after participating in the "Norway's Got Talent ', which ranks second.
    After this contest, Bogdan has signed a contract with Sony Norway. In August 2011 he gave a recital at the festival Callatis Mangalia.