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    Music and skateboarding # 1 - CPH PRO 2013 - July 17th - 21st


    by cphpro

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    The 7th annual and final CPH PRO is in the oven. So join us in Copenhagen this summer and experience the happiest show on earth one final time.

    Music and skateboarding have always had a very strong connection to each other. Think back on your favorite video part and why is was your favorite? it could be the tricks, or the skaters style, but one big factor I am sure of is the music which that particular skateboarder skated to.

    Music in skateboarding videos is also responsible for introducing new artists to an entirely different audience. Dinosaur jr, Suicidal Tendencies , Red hot chili peppers, black flag, Mc Rad, placebo, sub society, firehose, beastie boys, to name a few, that where unknown to me before skateboarding videos.
    We decided to ask 3 professional skateboarders, 3 musicians and a filmer why does music and skateboarding have such big influence on each other, why is music playing such a big role in skateboard video´s

    The best thing about skateboarding is that there is no final answer. There are opinions, but no right and wrong and that´s what I love about skateboarding. You do what feels right for you…

    Filmed with: canon C300, Canon 5D mark lll, Canon 5D mark ll, Zeiss glass and Kessler’s Philip Bloom pocket dolly. Check out this link to find out more about the Kessler dolly system. Hands down the best dolly system on the marked.

    Made by: Simon Weyhe, William Frederiksen and Camilla Jane Lea

    Filmed and edit by: Simon Weyhe

    A Goodwind Studio production

    Music by:

    The Ravoenettes -

    Dion and the belmonts

    ORMEN - WSLS Reocrds