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    by BlankTV

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    Stan Ridgway - "Roadblock Grindhouse Film" A BlankTV Premiere!

    Artist city, country: Los Angeles, California, USA

    Artist Biography: It's been a long and influential road for the songwriter/guitarist and original Wall Of Voodoo vocalist. His darkly humorous, and richly cinematic musical tales of the ironies inside the American Dream have been compared to other classic songwriting iconoclasts like Randy Newman, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash and even hard boiled mystery writers like Raymond Chandler and Jim Thompson, as well as twisted film makers like David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino.

    " Mr. Trouble " (2012) is Ridgway's latest solo recording from the A440 Music Group, and is his 12th solo album.
    A mad scientist of sound and vision, Ridgway possesses a style unparalleled, at least in our known universe. Making his musical pictures for 30 years now, the singer-songwriter and guitarist has emerged as a singular voice in contemporary song. "It's a hybrid of all the music I've loved and admired," he says. "There are no boundaries on art and no rules to follow in music. A song is really just a strong point of view."

    Raised in L.A., Ridgway began his love affair with Southwestern gothic 30 years ago as front man and co-founder of vanguard electro-art punks Wall of Voodoo, who he originally formed with the intention of scoring low-budget horror films. Ridgway sang on the band's debut EP and first two albums, Dark Continent and Call of the West (which included the accidental MTV hit "Mexican Radio"). "I sometimes use songs as a way to figure out the puzzle of how things fit or don't. When the balance is right, what the listener brings to it is just as important as what I bring to it," he says.

    Director Name: Kevin Davis
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    Song Lyrics:
    News travels fast in a small desert town
    So it wasn't long at all before the word got around
    That a killin' mad car was headed their way
    So the sheriff and the boys were gonna stop him
    Out on the highway
    Right where it intersected big black rock
    So it wasn't long at all
    Before the whole town was out standin' 'round
    Hammerin' a nail and buildin' up a pride
    In a roadblock
    The mayor's wife sat in the shade
    And talked her way through a few good lies
    While her husband practiced his acceptance speech
    For a medal from the F.B.I.
    And Granny rocked back in her chair and said,
    "Just what did this man do?"
    While some idiot kids from school
    Ate the dirty sno-cones colored red, white and blue
    At the roadblock
    Then the local paper jumped the gun
    And printed the big headline
    "Town is saved from killer car with roadblock at stateline"
    Three miles down the highway in a Chevy '69
    Were a pair of crazy eyeballs
    Jumpin' left and right in time
    To an eight track tape playin' Foghat and Jethro Tull
    [ From: ]
    And a gasoline soaked hand shiftin'
    A little plastic skull
    And on the arm a blue tattoo that read
    "I'm a son of a bitch"
    A map open on the front seat
    Leather black as pitch
    One foot slammed on the gas, no shoe
    Just an argyle sock
    Andthat car was screamin' wild down the highway
    Like lightnin' towards the roadblock
    Then all eyes turned down the highway
    To a big cloud of smoke
    And Granny went into a mild state of shock and started to choke
    And then a boy up in a tree yelled out, "Here he comes..."
    Then twenty men strong aimed and fired point blank
    Nineteen shotguns...
    Well the next day the sheriff just tried to stall
    While they buried the body out behind a wall
    The newspaper said, "Killer still on the lam
    Seems the boys at the roadblock shot the wrong man
    Nobody really knew just who he was
    He was drivin' a Camaro with dashboard fuzz
    They all burned the car right there at big black rock
    And no one ever said a word at all again
    About a roadblock


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