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    Paleface Picasso-Your Favorite White Boy (Eminem Diss)

    Nils Garver

    by Nils Garver

    Eminem is one of the most talented rap
    artists that has graced the surface of this earth. That being said he
    has beaten women, used his position to negatively influence kids, and
    started his career dissing the likes of ICP, Vanilla Ice, and several
    other well known artists at the time. Throughout his career he used
    diss tracks masterfully to gain attention and fame. Consider this track
    a wake up call to the millions of rap fans who want to hear a worthy
    opponent for once. We decided if we are going to diss someone it needed
    to be the one worth dissing and for the right reasons. Before posting
    comments we challenge listeners to listen to this track on an actual
    system. (Not computer, not phone) If you would like to hear EM respond
    simply facebook your friends this video and help us reach 2 million
    views and you will hear a series of battles that will not soon be
    forgotten. Thank you for your support! Want to hear a lyrical song now? Listen to "Royalty" Peace to all who believe, and pray for the one's who don't... Rated as TOP ARTIST/ALBUM pick for 2013 Read more about Paleface Picasso: