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Shiko Shiko (シコシコ) - Let's Go To Pyongyang And Kill A Bunch Of People

il y a 5 ans94 views

CD, LP, MP3: http://bit.ly/XkdQyb
iTUNES: http://bit.ly/12Mzuep
BANDCAMP: http://bit.ly/17WyBph


Located halfway between hedonistic Post Punk and Mutant Rock, Shiko Shiko creates epic compositions where furious rhythmic patterns are carelessly associated with wild guitar riffs and sweet pop melodies. With a tremendous energy, their performances give to see a possessed band, expressing the emotion emitted from its music, as surprising as effective. It’s like a meteor strike on a frozen lake by a full moon night. Beautiful, violent and mysterious at the same time, coming from nowhere, echoing in a magnificent spatial crash.

With more than 100 different gigs in France and Belgium (Les Trans Musicales, Le Printemps de Bourges, Iceland Airwaves festival and support band for Vampire Weekend, The Ex and more…) the electrifying and surprising Shiko Shiko live show managed to get talked about. The climax of it all is the debut album of Shiko Shiko, “Best New Bestiole”, a digest as enjoyable as urgent from their poetic wildness. - LineSession : (Re)Discover the finest Indie Music Selection. Line Session is your channel for all the indie, electro music, where you can experience music, in high audio quality. Subscribe to stay connected to our channel and receive all of our video updates! - Line Session : http://www.dailymotion.com/linesession http://www.facebook.com/linesession

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Shiko Shiko (シコシコ) - Let's Go To Pyongyang And Kill A Bunch Of People
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