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    The Importance of Thank You in Our Society

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    “Thank you” is the mediator that aids in sustaining relationships. The phrase is becoming more popular than ever.

    Other than to express gratitude, have you ever thought about what “thank you” means and why we say and write it?

    The phrase becomes ingrained in us during childhood around the time we learn to use “hello” and “goodbye”. Together, they form a trio of social cues that act as a sort of a corral for conversations.

    “Thank you” is the mediator that aids in sustaining relationships.

    Hi and bye can be substituted with gestures or other phrases, but the practice of closing a conversation holds strong. Failure to do so is widely interpreted as rudeness, even in new means like texts and emails.

    Because of this, “thank you” is becoming more popular than ever as it seems to be replacing traditional closings like Sincerely and Yours Truly.

    Some believe its recent favor is due to its multitasking abilities. Not only does it express appreciation for someone’s time, it’s become recognized as a conversation closer.

    The added bonus is that according to research saying thanks releases some of those happy brain chemicals everybody loves.

    Oh, and…Thank you for watching.