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    "Final Dismissal II-St.Agnes Boys High School-New York"

    Michael Leggett

    by Michael Leggett

    In May & June, 2011, St. Sylvester School in Brooklyn, NY, was merged with two other schools over a mile away, despite being in good enough shape to continue onward. I worked on a documentary, signifying the end.
    That to me was very emotional. So much so, I wept so hard that I had to grasp onto something to steady myself as this was truly emotional.
    But being an Agnesian, whose school was moved away to Upper West Side from Midtown East Side, felt the loss when the school moved uptown. Now, Mom was baptized at St. Agnes in 1921. To me, St. Agnes is East 43/44 Street. I am numb to the closure. I have no feeling, as my St. Agnes HS Is in my Heart & in Midtown, with STAGS from Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn. Hence, this Video was made.
    Many Blessings To My Brother STAGS;