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    Murderfist - 12 Hour Show Feature


    This video has been age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines



    Two years ago, MURDERFIST broke the world record for longest sketch comedy show performed by a single group. This was easy to do, because that record didn't exist, but they made it hard on themselves anyway by doing twelve hours of material. Of course, this overloaded the circuits of the World Record robot they send to adjudicate such things, and it exploded, killing 13 "improvers" who had wandered downstairs looking for their unision breathing class, and forever keeping the record out of Murderfist's bloody grasp.

    But here is the beginning of that record, an enticing sizzle reel, if you will, of what that fateful night when 13 or so morons tortured themselves for the sake of the greatest comedy show ever performed.

    Check out how drunk Ed is at the end. Good times.