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  • Add to is dedicated to help safeguard our scarce resources; especially water and its new hose nozzle aid every person to also contribute to this worthwhile cause.

This water conserving hose nozzle is pressure adjusted and it provides a constant high speed spray at an optimum flow rate of 2.5 gallons per min. An unrestricted hose can flow at over 10 gallons per min. This is a huge conserving of possibly 75 %.

The hose nozzle is ideal for many residential applications, like sprinkling plants, the grass or washing automobiles, walls, etc.

This brief video shows the 7 settings: It is clear from the video that this item is suitable for lots of various uses.

The "Mist" setting provides a really fine mist which fine for seedlings or for hydrating leaves. On the opposite side of the scale is the "Jet" setting. This position will be useful when you attempt to get rid of persistent dirt. Patios, driveways, BBQ's etc. jump to mind.

At the back of the hose nozzle is a flow control. This can be utilized to increase or lower the flow rate. There is a latch that makes it easy to lock the trigger in for circumstances where you want continuous flow.

The plastic body makes it light and simple to make use of. It certainly eliminates the trouble of rust you may discover in some models with metal components.

The primary benefit though, would be the water conserving aspects of the nozzle. For a reasonably easy and cost-effective gadget, it offers a lot when it concerns help save our water supplies.

7.5 gallons per min equates to 450 gallons per hour. Think of the number of gallons of water does that mean per year?

Stats aside; everyone has the chance to save water and when you are geared up with the proper devices, it becomes a lot simpler.

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