Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 1 SHOCKERS - Recap!

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One dead pig, one dead police officer, one mystery lady wearing a Lady Gaga-inspired mask and bunch of cute, but creepy mini-me's...that's what we got for the season 4 premiere of Pretty Liars PLUS a whole lot more. The new season, which is being dubbed the season of answers, proved that its holding true to that description in the big opener last night on ABC Family. In just the first few minutes alone we find out, thanks to Mona, who seems to actually be on the little liars' side now, we get a lot of answers from last season. Here's the rundown. First -- Shawna is basically in love with Jenna and they're both afraid of Melissa. Second -- Cece came to visit Mona at Radley but she thought Cece was Ally and she doesn't remember what they talked about. Third -- Mona did recruit Toby and Lucas. And fourth -- it wasn't Mona who pushed Ian off the bell tower OR tried kill Aria.

This season, it's the red coat that is the true enemy, and just when we thought that the red coat might have been Wilden, we find out that he's dead. OH and on a really, really, really weird side note, remember when Aria almost died on the Halloween train after being drugged? Well, one of the creepy clowns, who FYI was a female clown with finger nails and all, was Wilden. As far as the other notable moments in the episode...well, here's a quick lightening round: A is terrorizing Toby about his now deceased mom, Ezra and Aria are still broken up and he tells her to see other guys, Paige talks Emily into going to Stanford with her, Ally's creeper of a mom moves back town and spies on Spencer through her window, Hanna's mom's phone was in Wilden's casket, and oh yeah, it looks like everyone who saw Ally the night she died is turning up dead, too, so that's not good.

But what we're dying to find out is who is the mystery woman in the Lady Gaga outfit at Wilden's funeral? And what was the deal with the pig -- what does that even mean? And then there's our devastation over Ezria -- and guys, it doesn't look like Aria and Ezra are getting back together anytime soon because a new guy is in town -- check it out


So we want to hear from you -- what did you think of the season 4 premiere? Give us your thoughts by commenting below! For more PLL scoop around the clock subscribe to ClevverTV on YouTube. I'm Joslyn Davis thanks for watching!

Hosted by: Joslyn Davis