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    NYC Restaurant Abandons Traditional Tipping System

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Sushi Yasuda has bid farewell to the traditional practice of tipping. They’ve instead opted to put their servers on salary.

    Tipping is something we just take for granted in many situations - right?

    Sushi Yasuda, an established and highly regarded New York restaurant, has bid farewell to the traditional practice of patrons covering the waiters’ wages.

    They’ve banned tipping, opting to instead put their servers on salary. They’ve even thrown in some paid vacation and sick leave.

    When questioned, restaurant management said they wanted to make the experience even more reminiscent of dining in Japan where service payments are not requested.

    They also felt it was an inconvenience to customers to have to figure out a tip after they have enjoyed a meal.

    As all waiters know and most diners are aware, the restaurants typically only provide a small hourly wage and the gap between it and a livable income is filled in with gratuities.

    In the state of New York, the minimum wage for tipped food service employees is 5 dollars an hour.

    What do you think? Should restaurants ban tipping from patrons?