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    Shenanigans with Linus Media Group at Computex 2013


    by LinusTechTips

    It was the last day of the show and we were pretty much finished our work, so we decided to tour around the show floor trolling at the various booths and having some fun.

    This is the last video upload from Computex 2013. Thanks so much for coming along for the ride, guys!

    Walked & posed on the Acer catwalk
    Drove the WD car
    Played some 4K Crysis 3 at AMD
    Re-enacted the PC strangling comic at some random booth
    Hijacked Microsoft's Kinect PC 3D modeling demo
    Douchbag strolled through Intel's booth with collar popped
    Tried to lick a fan at Enermax
    Threw some LN2 around at Asrock
    Rode the giant mouse at Func
    Got a balloon animal at Apotop
    Broke said balloon animal...
    Poured water on the waterproof motherboard at Asrock
    Played a match against Diesel at Tt eSports
    Lost said match
    Rage quit

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