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    Ultra Mobile Production with the Livestream Studio HD500 - Review - GeekBeat Tips & Reviews

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    Congratulations for the wonderful video clip !
    Great information for the Livestream Studio!
    I have already purchased the software , Livestream Studio!
    I see in the video clip , in time : 6:16 , i see category : GFX1, graphics called: 2 live boxes, 4 lives boxes, while in the live stream window, I see the 4 lives boxes with Motion Background. I guess these graphics should be introduced in the software: Livestream Studio, some likely graphics software. Please tell me if you know how I can buy similar graphics: lives boxes and similar Motion Backgrounds??? These is available in online store for sale, or i need to create himself through some software , eg: PhotoShop??

    Thanks, look forward to your help,

    By Lampsitv2 years ago