El Paso Zoo Releases Photos of Twin Pygmy Slow Lorises

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On April 26th, the El Paso Zoo become home to two pygmy slow lorises. The tiny critters are twins.

Baby zoo animals are always adorable…even the bizarre looking ones. On April 26th, the El Paso Zoo become home to two pygmy slow lorises.

The tiny critters are twins. The zoo recently released several photos showcasing the bug-eyed, fuzzy animals. One of the slow lorises is male while the other is female.

According to the zoo, they weighed as much as two tablespoons of white sugar at birth. The new arrivals are part of the zoo’s efforts to conserve and protect the species by breeding.

The pygmy slow loris is considered vulnerable on the list of endangered species. A spokesperson noted “We are excited about our first birth of pygmy slow lorises at the zoo, especially because they are twins. It's evident that through our staff's hard work and dedication, this has been a successful birth.”

Zoo visitors may have a difficult time seeing slow lorises in their exhibit as they are nocturnal creatures and may be sleeping in baskets or boxes.