Austin Mahone "What About Love" Music Video Girlfriend Premiere

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Austin Mahone's girlfriend leaves him and his car gets stolen? Talk about a rough day --- but listen up Mahomies, this action isn't a real-life situation -- instead it's pulled straight from the singer's newest music video for "What About Love." Austin recently described his new music as being a mixture of Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, and the new vid is definitely a great depiction of a modern, youthful take on the vibe of some of favorite former boy bands. The video opens with a sequence of shots, one of which features Austin and his love interest frolicking in the ocean waves. Then we cut away to a room, where Austin and his crew are showing off a killer dance sequence. A bit later in the video, the whole group leaves the jam sesh to follow the same love interest outside, but she looks to be totally over it and can't be bothered by Austin as he tries to grab her attention. Later the group takes the dance party to a parking structure, where again, they bust out some killer choreography. And guess what, the mystery girl shows up yet again with what we're guessing is Austin's car. Before long though, she leaves and she takes the car with her, leaving Austin all alone with his boys as he sings "You take it all and leave me nothing. What about love? What about us until the end?" But by then, the girl is already gone for good. Not to worry though, we're guessing that if this were a real-life situation, Austin's many Mahomies would come to his rescue in no time.

Overall, the video is pure pop awesomeness, with Austin rocking a funky tank top and his signature hat or beanie all throughout. What did you think about the "What About Love" video? And what do you think about the girl hitting the road and taking the car with her? Would you have liked a happier ending? We'd love to hear from you so please hit the comments section. And in the meantime, here's some exciting news on another music group -- check it out:

Hosted by: Joslyn Davis

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That girl is too awesome for Mahone! That's why she bailed on him in HER car! Austin is standing next to it waiting for her in the video. She sneaks in while he's busting his moves with his posse and ditches!
By dm_51ba3e5d2743d 2 years ago