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    Water Discus Hotels comprise two discs - an underwater and above-water one. This combination will allow guests to admire the depths of the ocean while making the most of the warm climate.The two parts of the structure are connected by five solid legs and a vertical shaft containing a lift and stairway. The size of each disc has been adjusted to local conditions.CLASSES AND TRAINING: Water Discus gives the unique opportunity to experience being in the very heart of the underwater world day and night. This will whet your appetite for more. Water Discus offers an array of courses suitable even for beginners.Diving Courses: Water Discus offers comprehensive and safe diver training. Certificate in the use of diving equipment can be obtained.Amenities at Water Discus include, among other things, a 4-metre deep diving pool, a cave and wreck diver training facility, as well as air-filled huts and emergency breathing stations equipped with surveillance cameras.Submersible Piloting: Special courses have been designed for pilots of underwater tourist vehicles, which are a permanent element of our infrastructure.SAFETY: A sense of security is essential for good holiday and Water Discus Hotels have been designed to meet the highest safety standards.Safety was a top priority for both designers of the structure and a team of professionals who worked out the maintenance procedures. Our goal was to ensure that guests feel safe both inside and outside, while diving. Project Supervision: The design, construction and technical condition of the complex are under permanent supervision of an international classification organisation with experience in the field of building and operation of boats, ships, offshore structures and professional diving systems. Water Discus meets safety standards as evidenced by class assigned and renewed periodically according to local law and requirements of international organisations.Solid Construction:The Water Discus complex was designed to ensure safety at all times, even in the most adverse weather conditions.The structure sits up on five sturdy legs fixed to the seabed, and the upper disc is suspended above the water surface. These two technical solutions will ensure that Water Discus remains safe even in the event of a fairly high tsunami, which can normally flood the nearest coastal areas.The sturdiness of the construction and technical solutions employed ensure that the underwater disc automatically surfaces at once in the event of any danger.A wide shaft with a view of the sky above gives a safe sense of spaciousness, minimising any claustrophobic feelings some may experience while staying in an enclosed underwater space.Monitoring System: Our safety measures include a monitoring system integrated with an international earthquake and weather warning system. The hotel is monitored by numerous video cameras and remotely operated underwater vehicles which are positioned in appropriate places around the complex.Rescue Measures: You can truly enjoy your holiday only when there is a sense of security. Water Discus complies with the most stringent safety standards by, among other things, providing rescue equipment as prescribed by regulations applicable to vessels.In addition to this equipment, even if completely flooded, each of the satellite discs has positive buoyancy, which means that they can be used as lifesaving vessels after being detached from the main body of the upper disc.MARINE ADVENTURE: Top-rated resorts offering luxurious conditions and amenities have become the new standard for active leisure. A wide selection of luxury hotels can be found in virtually every part of the world. But Water Discus offers much more. We bring you a de luxe hotel combined with a real marine adventure and breathtaking views found only in the heart of the ocean.Diving: Water Discus makes diving among the colourful fish, sea anemones, reefs, rocks and wrecks illuminated by sunlight even more thrilling and unlike any other experience. This is because our dive centre is located underwater, adjacent to the residential area of the underwater disc.

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