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Today I dedicate myself to the Astrology Sign / Zodiac Radix "Gemini" / "Zwillinge" ~ Element AIR.
Twins, Both ~ Spectators and Actors! Two Hearts beat in ONE Chest! Twins have a " Forever Young Spirit".Thousand Plans and Thousand Runways, but often Rare "Landing Field".Life is their the Movies ... They sit in the Public Row / Audience ; look at the Film ~ Suddenly notice them, it's their Own Movie of Life.Gemini loves Traveling,Searching and Researching,light and digestible Food; Family Relationships and Parent.They are like the Fish, an Eternal Dreamer;But Careful - They are Moody,Mocking,Unstable and sometimes Dishonest.Yin & Yang ~ But their positive Traits are : Curious, Adaptable, Communicative, Quick Witted and Resourceful.Twins marry seldom or too often.Nevertheless, it is always with the One Big Love! Even if Outside Marriage.If Gemini are themselves Parents,they not like and accept dominate Education,although they are good Nurse and Child Gardener.Sexually they are Passive.They want to be Conquered and come hard to Climax (LOL); please Apology sweet Dearest Gemini ~ Even You are a good Contemporary."Live and Let Live" IS YOUR Motto / Devise.You are in good Hands in Buddhism ~ You Hate Violence and Mental Stood Standing.The Great Question Mark in their Head is ever "Nirvana".Good Luck Charming Gemini ~ Bless You ~ Namaste.
Another Famous Gemini / Weitere berühmte Zwillinge :
William Mountbatten-Windsor(Prince William),Marquis De Sarde,Otto Lilienthal,Victoria,Bertha Von Suttner,Anastasia Von Russland/Russia,Schirin Ebadi,Thomas Mann,Peter Der Große,Eddy Merckx,Arthur Conan Doyle,Venus Williams,Lena Meyer-Landrut,Tenzing Norgay,Christian Wulff,Robert Falcon Scott,Edvard Grieg,Aung San Suu Kyi,Lisa Del Giocondo,Nikolaus Otto,Harald Juhnke,Lukas Podolski,Johanna Spyri.

O.J. Production 2013 / Copyright / Goldrausch / Olivia - Jessica Sme / Autor / Editor - Created Producer °

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