Of Islands And Men - Marquesas
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Christian Karembeu goes back to his insular roots for an initiatory voyage in the middle of the most beautiful islands of the world with an absolute respect of nature, towards meeting the cultures which made the history of humanity. In this ancestral know-how, this relation to the other, this relationship with nature, there is something we forgot and which remains to relearnOn the Marquesas, the Church has imposed itself by breaking the old beliefs. One century ago, the ancestral culture of the Marquesas had disappeared. Today Marquesans rediscover their culture and show that there are moments when it is necessary to seize the importance of the beliefs and to register them in the future, like haka, the Marquesan dance which is used at the same time to intimidate and to allure the adversary. By showing his force, one avoids violence and war All Marquesans, or almost, are hunters. Beyond its usefulness, the hunting is also a way of reviving the lifestyle of the ancestors. Marquesans continuously establish the link between the old and the modern world; with nature and the afterlife. These exchanges and these meetings prove that everyday life can reveal the marvellous and strange treasures.

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