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    Ice Sculpture King Creates Super Cool Art in New York

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    Ice Sculpture King Creates Super Cool Art in New York

    ICE SCULPTOR artist Shintaro Okamoto chisels and sculpts extravagant works of art out of ice that last for just a moment in time. In his studio in Queens, New York, Shintaro, 39, and his team of artists chip ice blocks into sculptures for events around the world - and for big name celebrities like Rihanna and Jay-Z. Shintaro, from Alaska, is sometime commissioned to concoct entire rooms made of ice and ice sculpture art costing a whopping quarter MILLION dollars (£160,000).

    One of his biggest ice sculptures was a 25ft high heart placed in the middle of New York's Times Square in celebration of Valentine's Day. Shintaro uses his own ice for his sculptures - he has a custom ice machine in his Queens, New York studio. Ice sculptures can take two to three hours to complete with larger projects taking days. Previously, skilled Shintaro also worked on a project for Old Navy in Manhattan, where he froze thousands of flip flops inside a block of ice. People were invited to come and try to melt the block down with their hands and take them out, to keep them for good.

    Videographer / Director: Laurentiu Garofeanu
    Producer: Liam Miller
    Editor: Joshua Douglas

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