New Topographical Map of Antarctica Shows Bedrock Beneath Ice

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A new topographical map of Antarctica has revealed some interesting formations. The images show bedrock underneath all that frozen matter.

A sprawling ice sheet is usually what comes to mind when thinking about Antarctica.

But what lies underneath the icy surface?

Researchers from the British Antarctic Survey have released an updated map known as Bedmap2 based on detailed geophysical measurements collected since the first map was released over 10 years ago.

Thanks to new satellite imagery and surveys, the revised Antarctic map shows the three datasets of surface elevation, ice thickness and bedrock in far greater detail.

According to the study author, Peter Fretwell, this information “will be an important resource for the next generation of ice sheet modelers, physical oceanographers and structural geologists."

The previous Bedmap included the same datasets but did not contain as many sub-ice and surface details.

NASA authorities note that “With effects ranging from influencing ocean currents to raising sea level, Antarctica plays a large role in the global climate system.”

The new map will allow researchers to learn how the continent will react to changing climate by having a better understanding of what lies beneath the ice.