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    Cause Marketing Campaigns to Watch This Summer

    3BL Media

    by 3BL Media

    School is out, and summer vacation is officially here. For many large brands and agencies, the cause marketing campaign season is starting to heat up as well. For cause-marketing geeks like me, summertime and back-to-school campaigns couldn’t come soon enough. It’s a time where brands try (and many fail) to show the world that they are not greedy corporations, but companies that value the quality of life of employees, customers, community stakeholders and the environment. Many brands actively work hard and invest large sums of money in making things better in the world while others try to cash in on simply looking like they do. Honesty and impact, above all, are the ultimate ingredients that all successful cause marketing campaigns contain.

    So what are a few campaigns on my radar? Glad you asked; here are a few I follow. Note: I have not listed any campaigns that my company is presently working on or distributing through our digital cause-marketing ad network