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    Justin Bieber's "Heartbreaker" Demo Leaked - Lyrics?


    by ClevverTV

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    Justin Bieber's Heartbreaker demo got leaked and now we're breaking down the sound and lyrics for you. Of course, until the actual song is debuted, none of us can be 100-confident that this is all locked-in... but this seems pretty darn legit. The song is a smooth, r-and-b inspired song talking about how the girl broke him into pieces and he just doesn't know what to do anymore because QUOTE "I don't want to be hurt no more". Remember that a demo likely means that this particular Heartbreaker track was not written by Justin himself, although the inspiration could be there -- so don't automatically assume that it's about JB's relationship and breakup with Selena Gomez. The chorus to Heartbreaker is pretty catchy -- in this demo song -- it goes QUOTE 'My head keeps tellin' me no. / My heart just says let's go. / Cause boy you're a fool in love. / And you don't know who to trust. / Cause I don't really know what's right..' Following by a repetitive 'what's wrong / what's right / what's wrong' Aw man, isn't that truly what you start feeling during a breakup situation?? There a bit of a rap break in there -- which if this really is the Heartbreaker track -- this part has the biggest chance of being changed from the demo. We've got a link below to this leaked demo for Heartbreaker, so take a listen! And consider this: We might be used to "girl power" in songs, but coming from Justin, this is very much a 'guy power' sort of situation. So as a Belieber, when you listen to the song, do you identify with him or are you more on the girl's side? Leave a comment below, and subscribe to ClevverTV right now for all of your entertainment news updates. Dana Ward here in Hollywood -- see you later.

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