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    Pellam Pichodu


    by teluguone

    Srinu (Rajendra Prasad) who falls in love with Rachna. He takes the help of a friend (Shiva Reddy) to win her. Shiva Reddy impresses Rachna about Rajendra Prasad by telling many lies. Rajendra Prasad finally succeeds in marrying Rachna. He loves his wife madly. Every waking moment he does things to please his wife. Bringing flowers and arranging for her birthday himself are only a few of the things he does for his wife merrily. His philosophy is clear, ''Husband should take good care of the wife who leaves her parents for his sake.'' There is bliss in marriage and the neighbors (Dharmavarapu and Raghu Babu) that are given to drinking and gambling are jealous of their marital bliss.

    Srinu is very independent minded. Though he works in a chit fund company, he opens his own agency. He lies to his wife that he is a partner in the chit fund company where he works as a clerk and doesn't inform her about the running of the agency independently.

    Srinu is hopeful that in six months he will be able to quit his job and operate his agency in a full-fledged manner. He is prepared to tell the truth to his wife then. But before that the lies are exposed. The lies sully his standing in front of his wife. The first crack in a fully functional marriage appears. Thanks to Priya (Srujana) and some more incidents, the crack deepens and ultimately the relationship breaks, Rest of the Story Watch On TeluguOne