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    To ensure you make the correct knowledgeable decision, our expert advisors review the worldwide health insurance industry so they can rapidly give you personalised, comparative prices on worldwide health insurance policies cover. We will also help you to realize the various sorts of medical coverage, making your decision as clear and as effortless as feasible. An individual medical insurance plan, as its name indicates, gives a single person with health insurance coverage relative to the specific insurance bought. Plans are generally provided with either emergency-only or comprehensive coverage. For further information on this type of insurance, consult our individual Kenya medical coverage policies page.

    Family health coverage policies offer the covered the ability to insure their entire family equally with purchase of a common policy, and along with this insurance comes the peace of mind of being sure that they are all guaranteed the best available medical care when they require it.

    Why a health cover?
    Because your health and well-being are important. We have a vast amount of information that we have accumulated over the years and believe that this data is best put to use by making it accessible to everybody for free. Furthermore, because we are an independent entity, we can give you impartial advice and our advisers can provide coverage details from dozens of providers, so we are able to analyze and contrast insurance for you in live, even by the phone if you need it.

    We can offer you accurate and up-to-date answers to the inquiries you may have, speedily and conveniently. We are an autonomous coverage expert who will without exception put the needs of our customers before the partners. this means that you are supplied with fair recommendations about different health coverage policies in Kenya that match perfectly you.
    What is maternity coverage?
    The expenses associated to having a baby abroad can be an massive financial burden if insurance has not been applied. Clinic expenses all together with pre-natal, post-natal, labour and delivery costs and unexpected complications can usually exceed usd 15,000. In the unfortunate event of a child getting born with congenital problems the expenses can considerably exceed this. Whilst most international health insurance expatriate policies do have a maternity selection, there are limits on the sum that can be claimed and for obvious reasons a waiting time period of not less than 10 months before any promises for maternity relevant costs can be recognized.

    A lot of expats are unaware that getting children overseas can include astronomical expenses and planning in advance is very crucial if devastating financial implications are to be avoided. Figuring out the essential medical facilities for delivery, post-natal and pre-natal care is an important part in planning a family while living overseas.