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    My Little Disney: Are You In or Out

    Daga Yemar

    by Daga Yemar

    More villain songs! YAY! I've hit a stumbling block with Dr. Horrible, so I've returned to Disney for a little bit while I sort it out. Working on a deadline sure makes a jarring change to my usual pace...

    The sharp ones out there might have noticed that there's a slight cast change in this one as compared to the last villain song, but I thought the expressions worked out better this way. Besides, it's not like I had firmly picked them last time. Probably no one would have even noticed if I hadn't pointed it out. *shrugs*

    I do not own My Little Pony or Disney, but at least I'm not a time-traveling, shape-shifting robot operated by miniaturized cross people. Which I've got to admit, I didn't see coming.