Conspiracy for Good: How Tim Kring Built a Phenomenon

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Conspiracy for Good: How Tim Kring Built a Phenomenon
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It used to be enough just to give consumers 22 minutes of quality content, once a week, year after year, to be successful. Today, media consumption has dramatically changed. Where TV used to be the distraction, now viewers use second and third screens - a distraction from the distraction. This change, both demographic and technological, forces us to reimagine the nature of storytelling and narrative in an unprecedented way. Viewers today want to lean forward (and you need them to), become part of the action, engage with characters and each other in new and exciting ways, and shape the outcome. But how do we do this without ceding total control to the audience and reducing the main reason they "pay" to be with us in the first place? Join Tim Kring, Transmedia expert and creator of the blockbuster TV programs Heroes and Touch, as he shares his insights about how to tell stories in this new lean-forward era that consumers are willing to pay for with time and money.

Key Takeaways:How to use story to encourage participation in the real world.How to build stories for a multi platform universe.How to work with brands now that they are key to reaching an audience.