NASA Shows Tornado Damage From Space

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NASA captured the damage along the landscape of Oklahoma. False coloring points out the destroyed areas.

The Oklahoma tornado has left behind utter destruction and devastation. In early June, the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer on NASA’s Terra satellite captured the damage from space.

The photo appears to be a grid of unrecognizable shapes, but the brightly colored image is actually telling a tragic tale.

The tornado’s path resembles a tan stripe moving from the west to the east.

Infrared, red and green wavelengths of light serve as false coloring to point out the bare ground, water, vegetation and communities.

The decimated structures and streets can be seen from a macro perspective. Vegetation is a bright red.

The vibrant colors and lack thereof highlight the damages in the wake of the storm. There is a gap where the red is missing, depicting a lack of vegetation.

The May 20th storm was classified as an EF-5 tornado.

Its path was about 17 miles long and the width was said to be over 2.5 miles.