United Kingdom Talk LIVE Friday 7th June 2013

Chris Reardon
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Wearing other peoples underwear.We need a picture first.
Sitting among friends with a cup of tea.
Look at the person - not the wheelchair.
Preventive dentistry.
Falling off bikes.
How do I know what to talk about ?
Why create something else to wash ?
Siege at "Selfridges".
Mille, Simon & Matt on the phone.
Margaret Thatcher. For or against ?
They jumped on him.
Not looking, and not finding.
Singing at Karaoke nights.
Turn off your answer phones.
Jimmy had an accident.
Do you take money out of cash machines.
Pink "One Direction" headphones.
Liverpool accent.
"Barry" calender back on the wall.
Did you like school ?
Disorganised & untidy.
The greatest showman of our time.