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    Dame Julie Andrews In Auckland

    Josephine Senia

    by Josephine Senia


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    Elizabeth Wood
    Julie Andrews deserves everything she has received and more , her is continual dedication to music, movie, wife to "Blacky" and mother to their 5 children. We have been blessed to have shared these years of her life her in America! To see her reach more and more heights , up to the present. We all were so saddened by her voice loss. My, that was BIG!! The journey she experience was something only those close to her could understand! Sometime thereafter she starting writing again. Her wonderful Daughter Emma Walton Hamilton, as she tells it, said to her, "mom, you have just found another way to express yourself in words" or something similar.. I pray she is one of Christ's children with life everlasting! We Christians look forward to being in Heaven after our life here on earth. I share this because I would love to see & hear Julie sing again! Yes, more beautiful than ever!! I pray she will have heard of God's Blessings and Love for her as to all His children. If she already has given her life to our Lord, she will Definitely have her Wonderful Voice Again. We will be blessed to hear her, once again, sing with an Orchestra, she shared is beyond wonderful. God only knows how Glorious! She will sing more glorious than she could ever imagine. Singing to a larger audience than she could believe. A voice we've loved and known of her & better!! A sample, her own Christmas music! Singing words right from His Bible! I sure want to be there when she sings again, raising her song of Praise for our Lord. What I'm looking forward to is sharing with her how much she was a part of my life these last 2 years. I had lost everything material in this world - my home of 36 years, our money all spent to retain lawyers, the loss of my spirit, mind and soul. I had my family, that, was the most important to me. I knew I needed to reach out to my Lord, read His Word day in and day out. After all the years in one house, decisions had to be made - what could go on a small rental truck and in 2 cars. The Condo we rented couldn't hold most anyway! Many things were left behind, thousands of dollars worth, and one broken women. Those last hours after leaving my home, reality it! Not long after, I was listen to music, which has always soothed me, and I saw some on ITunes songs by Julie Andrews. I clicked on one song, that, was the beginning of almost 2 yrs now. Listening to music over & over, studying God's Word, I knew I could depend on 100% to get me thru, got on computer to see all that was online about Julie Andrews - things I'd never heard through the years. In those past years I was in High School, working, marriage, children, divorce, remarried, kid's weddings and grand kids (the best!!!) in the 50's, 60's to the present. I have now watched all her movies, seen every interview, twice or more over. Early on, she won me over, I loved her in Mary Poppins & Sound of Music. Losing my home, savings, retirement, was a journey unlike any God has taken me through! Certainly not close to what journey God gave Julie since the loss of her Voice! But it has kept me moving day after day! I've read all her books, children and otherwise. I have read to my grandchildren more than ever before, either from scripture or those many books for children she and Emma have written! We watched the 2 "Eloise" videos, which they loved! They all got one book or two I purchased on Amazon at a price I could afford. They all have so enjoyed them! Thank you Julie, another way God has open my heart and sole again and using my gift of giving (costing less $), love of music, most importantly. My Lord, who has always been at my side through hard times and good. He shed new light from His Word that has inspired and renewed me in body. soul, and spirit. We are all getting older and we have lost many loved ones through the years. We don't know when it will be our time. I do know Dame Julia Andrew and so many others in the entertainment industry (this includes her "chum" who I also highly admire) will need to accept the Lord Jesus Christ into her heart and soul, accepting the truths of the Bible, that Jesus Died on the Cross, Rose the third day, and Returned to heaven to prepare a place for us when we leave this earth. What a glorious day will that be!! Many entertainment are speaking up, making wonderful movies for the big screen, where the script is coming right out of The Bible it self!! This world is not my home, I'm just passing through, looking forward to what He has waiting for me. I will definitely see my parents, grandparents, & many additional family and friends again as I was blessed to have come from a God fearing and loving home. I myself, as a child, accepting Jesus as my Savior. Christians are to share These Truths, so others will also have the same opportunity as was given to us! It's never too late, I can only imagine the "many" we never would have thought to have accepted His Truths before their passing! We'll see Them!