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    RCTV #549:Death Angel/Kiilcode/Duff's Bar/Throw Rag (2012)

    Reality Check TV

    by Reality Check TV

    Episode #549 "Ace's 50th in NYC Part 1" Purple Pam takes us to a Metal show in a park in NYC we just missed and meet a band that got denied the chance to play. B-day boy Ace appears on NYC INternet show "Rew & Who?" with hostess Rew Starr & some guests who do a Ramones tune. We Hang at the Double Down Saloon with celebrity bartender Editrix Abby. Reality Chick Robin Hoodlum interviews girls at the bar and talks about a recent Stevie Nicks party. We meet a roller derby girl & Pam Purple tries the Double Down's famous Ass Juice!

    Local NYC Musician Patrick Salt Ryan talks with and performs an acoustic performance.Throw Rag's Sean Wheeler & teams up with Musician Zander Schloss for an amusing acoustic performance.

    Death Angels' Mark Osegueda stops by to give us the latest a long with former Sparrow's Point Singer Sean Cip of Insipid Productions.

    We visit Brooklyn's premier Metal bar on Pantera night! Lots of drunken shenanigans with our new Reality Chick Izzy Bella,Crazy Metal heads at the bar & we talk to the man himself owner Jimmy Duff!

    We talk to Ed Farshtey promoter for Wendigo Productions who put on Metal shows in the NYC area.

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