Quadriga: Turkey in Turmoil a Divided Society

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A wave of protest is sweeping across Turkey. Police units have been cracking down on demonstrators, sometimes brutally. Two people have died - though it is unclear who is to blame for the deaths. Initially the protests were about a few trees in Istanbul's Taksim Square. But the situation has escalated, and the anger on the streets now seems directed against the Erdogan government as a whole.

Among the accusations being levelled at Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan are claims he has surrounded himself with Yes-men, handed building contracts to his favorites and, above all, that he is no longer listening to the people. Yet many also acknowledge that Erdogan has done a lot for the country: he has made Turkey economically successful and powerful.

The fact that the demonstrators are from almost all sections of society seems to have caught Erdogan by surprise. He has put the blame on extremists, foreign powers and political opponents.

But Turkey's President Abdullah Gl has made