Justin Bieber Heading to Outer Space

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When Justin Bieber sang "I could be your Buzz Lightyear fly across the globe", he wasn't kidding. The lyrics to his popular Boyfriend song seem to have been a hint at the star's latest confirmation. Justin is heading into space! It looks like he will be a future astronaut via Virgin Galactic -- thanks to owner Richard Branson who tweeted out that JB and Scooter Braun just signed up for the world first commercial flight to infinity and beyond! I think that Justin got inspired after possibly seeing my interview footage with his friend Jaden Smith for After Earth at the Spaceport facility in New Mexico. Oh, more realistically, Justin saw that Jaden and Will Smith were there, realized that consumers CAN now fly to space and he thought it'd be cool and he signed up! I gotta say that taking a helicopter into Spaceport America -- which also features SpaceX on-site -- was quite impressive and exciting. But bringing it back to flying to space as a normal folk, FYI, it's a pretty expensive ticket. Every seat is 250-thousand dollars -- or if you want to charter a spaceship for 6 people, it will only cost you 1.25-million dollars -- it's 6 for the price of 5! And who doesn't love a good deal?? So no word yet on when Justin will shoot up to space, but it could be as soon as the end of this year. And to think that we should have seen this coming another time, when in February Justin tweeted about wanting to do a concert in space, and NASA actually replied saying that maybe they could help with that -- joking that after All Around the World, next he'd travel off of it. Either way, it's good to see that our space program is still continuing on. Thanks so much for checking out ClevverTV -- subscribe right now for more Justin Bieber news and more. I'm Dana Ward -- thanks for tuning in, bye!

Hosted by: Dana Ward