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    Snow in Portland Oregon Jan 16 2007


    by CindyPDX

    Portland, Oregon January 16 2007
    As you can see in the beginning of this video is why MANY of us just stayed home and off the roads. Many streets in Portland, Oregon are very steep, and this is one of those streets. (cracks me up every time I watch this!! )
    **FYI: Oregon does NOT use salt on their roads as it is dangerous to the environment and damages cars.
    Oregon allows the use of studded tires or chains on cars. However, even on steep roads as this, they would not help.
    The latter part of this video is just my 3 yr old twin boys and their first time ever in snow. We did the city a favour and STAYED home and off the roads.

    This is also reported on as MOST Watched video-
    Amazing home video of icy collisions in Portland
    January 16th, 2007
    Elementary teacher Derek Porter witnessed 15 different car collisions on icy roads outside his Portland apartment Tuesday morning and caught several on home video.
    Link to video & Report:

    Bumper cars Video found on Youtube with comments here:

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