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Working Black Ops 2 Camo and Prestige Hack


by dm_51b023a161467

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Features of Black Ops 2 Prestige Hack:
-Any Prestige Level
-All Titles & Emblems
-All Guns & Attachments
-All Camouflage

**Steps to transfer Prestige Hack to PS3 & Xbox 360**

1. Download the link listed above, and extract the files inside using Winrar. Be sure to save it somewhere you can remember.

2. Insert a USB into your Xbox 360/PS3, note that the size of the USB can be anything that is over 64MB.

3. Go to the dashboard, System settings, Memory and go to USB drive, Configure the USB if it's used for the first time. Click Gamer profiles and transfer the one you're going to be using the prestige hack with.

4. Remove USB drive from Xbox, insert it back into PC. Now, open up the folder you've extracted, put all the subfolders into the root of your USB.

5. After the file has been moved into the root of your USB, Go to the folder " Stealth Patch ", and run "PRESTIGE-SP.exe", a black window will pop up, and disappear in a short amount of time, the amount of time it takes depends on your computer speed, this will stealth patch your gamer profile.

6. After you've stealth patched your profile, run the .exe files in the other subfolders you've extracted, this time the order does not matter.

7. When you have successfully followed the instructions above, safely remove your USB drive, and insert it back into your Xbox, and move your profile back into the Xbox 360/PS3.

8. Put your Black Ops 2 game into the game console, navigate to COD TV.

9. Select the 6 second Nuketown 2025 clip and then "start film".

10. When the clip starts....it should already be at the end. All you have to do is end film and you will be level 55. Just rinse and repeat until you're 10th Prestige.