Miracles of the Mind Vol 2 by T A Waters (DVD) - Magic Trick

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Available from http://www.world-of-magic.co.uk
One of the cornerstone books in the field of mentalism is inarguably T.A. Waters magnum opus Mind Myth amp Magick.This massive tome - a monument to a life of work in the mystery arts - has become an almost standard reference work for anyone aspiring to become a mentalist.
Now you can meet the man behind the legend and watch him as he brings his creations - many right from the pages of Mind Myth amp Magick - to life in front of an enthusiastic and justifiably amazed live audience. Then T.A. Waters will take you behind the curtain to show you the diabolical machinations behind the miracles. In addition youll be treated to his timeless thoughts about creating and preforming magic and mentalism in his insightful T.A. Talks.
Strong effects...strong opinions...and one unforgettable performer. T.A. WatersMiracles of the Mind like his book is destined to influence yet another generation of mystery entertainers.
SYNCHROINCIDENCE - Two cards are freely selected by two spectators from two genuinely shuffled decks. In spite of the impossible conditions imposed they are found to match
TRIONIC - A step-by-step analysis of T.A. Waters pumping technique together with a description of his Trionic Deck. This is actually a mini-seminar on an often misused little understood technique. It should also be noted that T.A. Waters fooled well-informed card men with this technique applying a principle they already knew Invaluable information clearly explained.
CUTOUT - A very straightforward method for revealing the thoughts of two spectators.
COUNT FRAME - A frame is shown that depicts a circular numbered chart on one side and a grid of arcane symbols on the other. A spectator is asked to select a number from the chart which is then used to count to the corresponding symbol on the other side - which happens to match the performers prediction thats been in plain sight the ent